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Monday, September 12, 2011

To have & to hold, from this day forward....

Short bit of marital advice:  I pray that I’ve impressed upon my daughters (and other single women desiring to marry) about the importance of marrying someone who is on the same *page* they are on (Spiritually), who believes as they do (Doctrinally), and who has the same goals as they do (Practically) – *NOT JUST* someone who likes the same things they like (doesn’t go deep enough to ensure success) or does things the same way they do (one or the other person might be in need of improvement).  Take it from someone who has been married for a decade.  10 years is not very long in comparison to some of my still happily married family members and friends, but it’s long enough to say something. My marriage is not perfect and I am willing to speak out of its imperfection and pray for God to continue to cover both of our shortcomings with His grace.  Finally, I’m not a marriage expert; however I do have an insightful spiritual gift with a reason for having it.

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