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Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's not You...It's me...

Dr. Stanley gave a very enlightening message that says: We are responsible for a slow down in our blessings.  We are not waiting for God, He is waiting for us.  God cannot go against His laws (reaping & sowing).  That is really thought-provoking and should be remembered the next time I try to complain...

I recently shared with someone very close to me that when I became saved, I didn't fully grasp that I *belonged to* Christ, not only in the way that He takes care of me but in a way that means I am owned by Him.  Paul (Romans 1:1) said upfront that he was a bondservant.  My pastor explained that a bondservant is a servant who has met his obligations to his master, but out of love and devotion, has his ear pierced with an awl and vows to stay with his master.  It's the perfect picture of the best relationship to have with the Lord.

Dr. Stanley further said: We must give complete control to God. He will not fight us for it.  The good that God has in store for us doesn't always mean "easy", but will be a challenge.  This is how he grows us up in life.  That being said, you would think that I would be the grownest, most mature believer there is,,,but no,,,I have stubborn ways.  Lastly, Dr. Stanley shares: our circumstances might be painful and/or difficult, but they WILL drive us to Him.  That same day, Dr. Michael Yuseff said: God commands us to stop drinking milk and grow up!

Well Yes Sir! 

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